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Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.You come to love not by finding the...Learn more

views40 - Author  Paschal Michael 
Photos: "I sheded tears when I passed there" - Man bemoans state of a primary school in Enugu State ...Learn more

views74 - Author  Paschal Michael 
The Problem With Nigeria – A Saviour is Needed Nigeria’s backwardness in terms of development has ...Learn more

views86 - Author  Technology Insight 
Tips for Loan Approval With a Bad Credit If you struggle with bad credit reports such as high debt, ba...Learn more

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Easiest ways of detoxifying the body using seasonal fruits. You might have stumbled over the word Deto...Learn more

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How to Improve Your Mate’s Credit Score The concept of marriage is that of helping each other out of...Learn more

views94 - Author  Technology Insight 
Myths Of Adding Authorized Users On Credit Cards There are several myths that keep people from adding ...Learn more

views90 - Author  Technology Insight 
Cut down The Use of Plastics & Single-use Kitchen Items If you have become used to making use of plas...Learn more

views92 - Author  Technology Insight 
Credit Card Facts – A Brief About The Tech Involved Credit Card Facts If you are low on balance (deb...Learn more

views92 - Author  Technology Insight 
Reduce The Use of Plastic & Single-use Kitchen Items. Introduce substitute storage: If you have becom...Learn more

views96 - Author  Technology Insight 
Cyclone – Facts You Need to Know About Cyclone A cyclone is a type of natural disaster brought by som...Learn more

views239 - Author  Technology Insight 
How more credit card should you apply for to boost your credit score? How more credit card should you a...Learn more

views86 - Author  Technology Insight 
Mount Everest’s Ice is Melting Down – Says Researchers There is a growing concern from the organize...Learn more

views98 - Author  Technology Insight 
Hot Tea Doubles the Risk of Esophageal Cancer (CNN) The Esophageal is a long muscular tube which connec...Learn more

views73 - Author  Technology Insight 
Little Mistakes that can Mar your credit score Little Mistakes can Mar your credit score You might not...Learn more

views94 - Author  Technology Insight 
Low-Interest Rate Credit Cards – What counts? Low-Interest Rate Credit Cards – What counts? The lo...Learn more

views99 - Author  Technology Insight 
Expatriation – Why You Might Be Deported From USA Procedure for United State Expatriation The U.S ma...Learn more

views98 - Author  Technology Insight 
Reasons Why Many Choose American Express® Improved Business Savings And Employee Benefits Whenever yo...Learn more

views144 - Author  Technology Insight 
How to Handle Behavioral Based Interview Questions The thought of an interview can throw one into the s...Learn more

views111 - Author  Technology Insight 
Where are MasterCard vs American Express cards accepted? It may interest you to know that MasterCard is ...Learn more

views122 - Author  Technology Insight 
Hello 9jaCafe Community!...Learn more

views105 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
9 Signs She is In Love With You But is Afraid Girls can be very hard to figure making the struggle for ...Learn more

views127 - Author  Technology Insight 
When most people think of plastic surgery, they only focus on the perfectly smoothed, flawless results they wi...Learn more

views123 - Author  Technology Insight 
Facts About Coffee –Does it make or Mar your Skin? Most of these chemical compounds in coffee benefit...Learn more

views137 - Author  Technology Insight 
Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Is it a Risk Worth Taking? Most ladies today desire to have a larger bottom...Learn more

views142 - Author  Technology Insight 
What You Need to Know About Cancer It is a good thing to know that cancer is preventable. You can, howe...Learn more

views173 - Author  Technology Insight 
How to generate impressive website traffic The fact remains thaand launchi.. #MakeMoneyOnline...Learn more

views117 - Author  Technology Insight 
What to Do If You Throw up Your Birth Control Pill Obviously, there are various brands of birth control...Learn more

views124 - Author  Technology Insight 
Proven Signs That Shows You Are Ready for Marriage What shows you are ready for marriage? Are you getti...Learn more

views107 - Author  Technology Insight 
Proven Signs That Shows You Are Ready for Marriage What shows you are ready for marriage? Are you getti...Learn more

views114 - Author  Technology Insight 
9jaCafe is really the best earning site for Nigerians!...Learn more

views183 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
Top 8 home remedies to reduce belly fat How can one reduce belly fat? This is a big question that has t...Learn more

views155 - Author  Technology Insight 
Natural weight loss is simply the best way to get the best result in healthy living. Though many misunderstand...Learn more

views145 - Author  Technology Insight 
11 Signs You Will Never Be Rich in Your Life! In this article, I have taken time to list out some signs...Learn more

views155 - Author  Technology Insight 
7 Ways You Can Protect Your Credit Card Against Hackers Below I have taken some time to list out how yo...Learn more

views204 - Author  Technology Insight 
10 Life Time Goals You Should Focus On In Your Twenties Everyone need to set life time goals, but at wh...Learn more

views170 - Author  Technology Insight 
10 Life Time Goals You Should Focus On In Your Twenties First thing you need to do at this very young a...Learn more

views151 - Author  Technology Insight 
Below I have taken some time to list out how you can protect your Credit Cards from hackers attack in order to...Learn more

views130 - Author  Technology Insight 
SUBSCRIBE TODAY to our YouTube Channel for updates on Funny, Interesting and Action Cartoon videos, https://ww...Learn more

views171 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
9 Important Things You Should Know Before Getting Married Take your time to examine these before you wa...Learn more

views167 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
31 Quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. Which will Inspire You to Greatness Martin Luther King Jr. was a ma...Learn more

views184 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
A story about a young man who faced the consequences of his disappointing behaviour towards his landlord. No o...Learn more

views225 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
Susan Wojcicki – The Woman Who Rented Her Garage to Google’s founders in 1998 is Now The CEO of YouTube...Learn more

views252 - Author  Technology Insight 
Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes Without Using Harmful Chemicals Here in Nigeria, you’ve probably not...Learn more

views318 - Author  Technology Insight This awesome DroneX Pro is t...Learn more

views228 - Author  Technology Insight 
What are you to expect in the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 9-Pie? Weeks of beta testing is over now, the long...Learn more

views291 - Author  Technology Insight 
The best sci-fi movies and TV shows about future tech Our team at ItechInsight love watching Sci-fi mov...Learn more

views317 - Author  Technology Insight 
Dell returns to public stock market after years as private company Dell finally has returned to the pub...Learn more

views302 - Author  Technology Insight 
7 Tips To Increase Your Chase Credit Limit o you need a credit limit increase on your Chase credit card...Learn more

views293 - Author  Technology Insight 
Best Travel Credit Card Rankings in Canada for 2018 May have wondered, just how far can your Canadian t...Learn more

views317 - Author  Technology Insight 
How to Make Money on YouTube | Earn Cash from Videos You Share The Youtube is a Video Streaming website...Learn more

views321 - Author  Technology Insight 
How to make money online | Tested and Legit Ways to Make Money Online You may have heard many say tha...Learn more

views300 - Author  Technology Insight 
Chase Bank Credit Card Online Enrollment Chase Bank is without a doubt a very popular and powerful Bank...Learn more

views320 - Author  Technology Insight 
How to Increase Your Website Traffic oday, we will be discussing some basic steps you need to apply in ...Learn more

views315 - Author  Technology Insight 
6 Best Paying Mobile Apps for 2019 In preparation for the up-coming year, we are bringing to you the li...Learn more

views345 - Author  Technology Insight 
India’s Drone Policy 1.0 Goes Live Today: Everything your need to know Spread the love In August thi...Learn more

views401 - Author  Technology Insight 
Facebook is Fighting Fake News Ahead of Nigerian 2019 General Elections Facebook recently held an Elect...Learn more

views432 - Author  Technology Insight 
Yellow Fever Outbreak in Nigerian – Everything you need to know! About 55 deaths have been recorded i...Learn more

views482 - Author  Technology Insight 
10 Modern Robots That Will Blow Your Mind! Some times in the past, robots were limited to science-ficti...Learn more

views422 - Author  Technology Insight 
What You Should Know Before You Root an Android Smartphone What does it mean to Root an Android Smartph...Learn more

views498 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
How SIM Card Connect To The Network & Let Us Do Everything We Can On Our Smartphones Have you ever imag...Learn more

views471 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
How to Use Two WhatsApp in a Single Phone You may have wondered, how can I use Two WhatsApp Accounts in...Learn more

views622 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
How To Keep Your Private Data Safe And Secure Online? Here Are Five Simple Ways To Consider As a lot o...Learn more

views527 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
How to Fix Invalid IMEI on Android After Factory Settings In this article, we are going to discuss how...Learn more

views511 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
How to Activate Microsoft Windows 10 Many have found it challenging to Activate Microsoft Windows 10 wh...Learn more

views513 - Author  Ifesinachi Paschal 
The Best Way to Start Learning 3D Graphics Animation? Sincerely speaking, the best way to start learnin...Learn more

views1092 - Author  Technology Insight 

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